Eco-friendly furniture

Butler Eco-friendly Furniture

Butler Human Services recognizes the need to employ materials from sources that practice recycling and replenishment of raw materials and attempts to do so where ever possible while still maintaining the quality and value of our products.

The following policies reflect that commitment:

Wood used in the manufacturing of the items offered by Butler from both imported and domestic sources is non-rain forest or tropical. Our suppliers meet or exceed one to one replenishment ratios. We meet all of the required certifications.

Plywood used in the manufacturing of upholstered seat frames is hardwood that is non-rain forest or tropical, from suppliers that meet or exceed one to one replenishment ratios. We meet all of the required certifications.

Steel used in metal bed components such as springs, frames and rails, and upholstered seat frame components is provided by suppliers that use sustainable (recycled) steel to fabricate these components.

Minimal or No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are found in wood furniture components that are bonded with water soluble (PVA) adhesives.

Shipping approximately 25% of furniture blanket-wrapped or without cartons is done to avoid disposable packing being introduced into waste management.

100% Recycled Materials are used for the cartons and packing materials for casegoods and tables when unable to ship blanket-wrapped. These materials are structured to meet required transportation classification specifications.

Machined Saw Dust is carefully captured by our closed dust collection system and is donated or sold to local individuals or companies for the use of animal bedding.

Evergreen Sustainable Textiles are offered in a variety of sustainable upholstery fabrics that are made with 100% recycled yarn.

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