Metal Beds

Butler Human Services has designed a series of metal beds that significantly reduce hiding areas for bed bugs. Constructed with heavy gauge steel components for maximum strength and durability, most accept standard twin, twin XL and double mattresses.

Our metal beds:

  • have Easy clean powder coated finishes
  • have Tooless assembly which make them easy to set up
  • have Welded frames - eliminates more harboring places for bed bugs
  • are available in Standard or XL
  • are available in Twin, Double and Queen size
  • have a Modern design and tubular steel construction (recycled product)
  • have a Heavy gauge steel component
  • have a 10 year warranty

Please see our collections of Metal Beds Below (click for more information).

Studio Metal Beds
Mason Metal Beds
Blake Metal Beds
Lenox Metal Beds
Merit Metal Beds
Camden Metal Beds
Most Butler metal beds feature sealed surface frames that eliminate hiding places that harbor bed bugs. Download our metal bed brochure here...

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Featured Article:

Find Comfortable Bed Bug Resistant Metal Beds and Mattresses at Butler Human Services

No matter the kind of institution you’re helping to manage, your guests or residents would not like to face bed bugs at any time- and your institution really can’t afford the negative repercussions of these pests. So why run the risk of having bed bugs at all? By turning to Butler Human Services, you can avoid bed bugs with our bed bug resistant metal beds and bed bug resistant mattresses.

Bed bug resistant beds and mattresses don’t have to be uncomfortable. On the contrary - at Butler Human Services we proudly offer incredibly comfortable and stylish bed bug resistant beds and mattresses which your residents or guests will be sure to enjoy. Our bed bug resistant beds and mattresses are currently helping numerous institutions across the country and we’re positive that our bed bug resistant beds and mattresses will suit your specific needs and those of your residents perfectly.

Your residents or guests will enjoy amazing comfort with our wide range of bed bug resistant metal beds and mattresses. So begin searching for the perfect durable pest-resistant beds and mattresses today within our website. While on our website you can also learn more about the myriad other great furniture we proudly offer. If you have any questions or need assistance with ordering, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly by phone at 1-877-852-0784.