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Fabric Grades & Information

Butler upholstery uses contract grade for fabrics and vinyls. Contract fabrics are treated with a finish for increased stain repellency, cleanability, durability and warranty. They differ from retail fabrics for their superior ability to perform in high-use areas.

A number of factors go into determining a contract fabric grade. Woven fabrics, vinyls and Cryptons each have unique features which are ideal for human service organizations. They come in a wide range of colors and pattern choices. Your Regional Sales Representative or Sales Support Team can help you determine which fabrics or vinyls are best for your organization.

Butler fabrics are categorized in fabric grades which subsequently determine their cost. Butler fabric grades range between A-J. The lower the grade, the less expensive the fabric. The grade accounts for many different factors but most importantly: durability, complexity of weave; type of fiber; construction of fabric and thread count. Your Butler Regional Sales Manager or Sales Support Coordinator can help direct you to the best fabric grade choice for your organization.

For additional features and cleaning instructions, see Woven Fabric, Vinyl Fabric, and Crypton© Fabric.  See our Fabric Cleaning Guide for a list of fabric cleaning codes.


For human services organizations, fabric life span is a concern 

A key measure for contract fabric durability is a fabric’s double rub count. The Wyzenbeek machine tests for abrasion in double rubs. This machine rocks an abradent back and forth to count each “double rub”which results in a total count number.

The Association of Contract Fabrics guidelines states that contract fabric must have a minimum double rub count of 15,000. Although, Wyzenbeek results above 100,000 double rubs are not necessarily a reliable indicator of increased fabric lifespan.

Double rub counts are available on the fabric manufacturer website or on the back of the fabric card.



Slippage and stretch

Upholsterability is the measure of how that a fabric affixes to the upholstered product. Not all fabrics and vinyls work well on all upholstery products. The two components used to determine upholsterability are seem slippage and stretch. Your Regional Sales Manager will direct you if there are any issues with the upholsterablity for your chosen products.



Butler fabric grades range between A and J. Fabric grades determine the cost of each fabric. The lower the grade, the less expensive the fabric. Durability, complexity of weave, type of fiber, construction of fabric, and thread count affect the grade.

Your Regional Sales Manager or Sales Support Coordinator can help direct you to the best fabric choice for your needs.