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Hardi Heavy Duty Bed


Behavioral Health Bed from the Hardi Collection
Behavioral Health Bed from the Hardi Collection
Hardi Behavioral Health One-piece bed

The Hardi Heavy Duty bed features a biophilic texture on the outer case, bringing a touch of nature indoors. The Hardi Behavioral Health Bed is visually appealing and easy to clean while prioritizing comfort and creating tranquil and personal spaces for patients.

  • One-piece construction made from roto-molded polyethylene makes the products virtually indestructible and eliminates spaces for hidden contraband
  • Bed bug resistant – no crevices for bed bugs to hide
  • Easy to clean
  • Infused with antimicrobial compound & UV stabilizers
  • No protruding legs or hardware
  • Can be weighted on site with sand where the spun-in cap closes the opening secured with tamper-proof fasteners
  • Static load tested to 1400 lbs
  • Mattress deck for 36″ x 80″ mattress
  • Tamper-resistant mattresses are available
  • Hardi Bed comes standard with nickel-plated, nonremovable glides secured with Loctite®
  • 25-year warranty
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