Fully Renewable Upholstery

Fully Renewable

Lasts Longer.  More Versatile.  Easy Replacement.

Butler’s fully renewable upholstery system allows you to replace parts of your chair, loveseat, or sofa without purchasing an entirely new piece. Renewable seating extends the life of your furniture while saving you money and giving you more versatility.

Should your seating become worn, fully renewable products allow the arm, feet, cushion, base, or fabric to be replaced easily and quickly at the furniture location. Conveniently refresh the look of any fully renewable upholstery piece with over 1,000 fabric and vinyl options available.

Extending the life of furniture ultimately reduces its contribution to the waste on our planet, making it environmentally friendly. 

Rally Embrace Chair Fully Upholstered and Rally Embrace Chair Taken Apart with Renewable Parts Labeled

Fully Renewable Collections:

Butler offers multiple seating options including chairs, loveseats, and sofas that are fully renewable. Each collection provides residential style and comfort with contract furniture construction.

View all renewable pieces or contact your local sales representative to learn more about renewability.